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Citizen Charter


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 Vision :


To provide service to all citizens and ensure their living as well as make them work worthy for building a safe Bangladesh.



 Mission :


To ensure rules of law


To ensure security of all citizens.


To sustain social peace on the basis of community partnership.


Identification of offence and its prevention.


To bring law breaker under judicial process.


To ensure the peace and public discipline.


To bring public faith by providing help, services as well as their protection.


Be patience, polite and sympathetic.


Taking instruction from experience and exploring technique for accomplishing high level duties.


Making adjustment with different organization.


To increase departmental efficiency.


To carry on duty with honesty and professional mentality.


Services of Patuakhali district police for people.



About Behavior of Police :


Thana Police will show proper respect and gratitude to all help seekers in Thana.


Continuous training and motivational program for all the members of Police from district level to enhance the mental strength of those who are under pressure with their pact duties.


Controlled approach of people is also expected.


Police related approach is also desired as a good citizen.




Enlist the complaints and information in this regard :


Duty officer is bound to provide the greater help as well as putting up G.D. number, date and signature with sealed of concerned officer in the 2nd application copy to the person who come to thana.



Police duty in this regard :


Concern investigation officer will arrange legal action by completing investigation noted G.D. within three days. Investigation officer will bound to take legal action against misinformant.


Officer in charge will enlist the dairy from the informant both oral or written speech, he will also inform the concern person about case no., date, article and the name of investigation officer, designation and his ID no.


OC will take urgent and effective initiative to provide service without any delay.



Police duty in this regard :


Appointed investigation officer will visit the spot of case within twenty four hours and also run the activities of that case.


If the informant is not satisfied about the investigation of this case, he will inform ASP circle of concern zone or the officer above him.


If thana does not take complain in that case the duty of help seeker is :



If the duty officer or officer in charge refuges to entry the case or G.D. he will apply the following rules demanding the prevention of that matter.


He will inform to the office of SP circle by oral/written.


If he does not take any initiative in that case he will apply to the district police super.


If he again dissatisfies, he will apply to the DIG range.


If even they do not take any initiative, he will apply to the IG demanding prevention in that case.


Medical support agenda


If necessary, medical treatment can be provided to the injured victim at police hospital of patuakhali district police.


All kind of assistance will be provided by sending the injured victim at once to the hospital.


All kind of security of female accused will be ensured through female police.




Information about service provision in the investigated case by the investigation officer :


Investigation officer will visit the spot of case within twenty four hours and collect documents and taking the deposition of witness.


Investigation officer will read the of witness in front of him as it is written on the spot by him under the article 161 of criminal procedure and under the article -170(2) he will also take a bond from the witness in the specific form.


The man who files the case will present the witness to the investigation officer and will ensure of delivering the deposition of witness.


Investigation officer will run the activities to arrest those persons who are related to the incident given through the investigation of the case.


In case of collecting medical certificate for injured concerning the matter hospital will provide medical certificate following the requisition of thana Police.


Medical certificate of hospital must be attested by the board of three members.


After completion of investigation the result will be known to the case filer.


If the case is false the prosecution will be put up against the case filer under the direction rule.




Service for Juvenile :


The rules of child law-1974 will be followed in case of child /youth crime under 18 years.


Second officer will do his duty as a child officer.


Second officer will maintain a good/sound relation with thana/Upazila social service officer.


As per as possible separate zail will be arranged so that the child criminal will not maintain any relation to as it criminals.


The child related to crimes will be considered as related to crimes in lieu of accused.




One Stop Service :



This service is for Police clearance certificate :


The applicant will apply to officer in charge with bank draft in Sonali bank TK-250/= under the following code No- 1 2201 0001 2681 for Police clearance certificate.


OC will provide report to the district SP office for signature after completing investigation within three days.


Thana will send the report of verification for passport and service / license for arms within ten days to the SB office of district Police.


One can inform directly to SP for any complaint regarding one stop service.




Service delivery desk officer :


The chief aim of this service is to provide assistance the help seeker from the misdeed of agent.


Duty officer will provide legal assistance to the help seeker at thana.


Duty officer will guide the help seeker where and which desk he/she will go.


If he/she dissatisfies on the behavior of duty officer he/she will communicate to the OC.




Community Police Service :


The principal aim of this service is to conduct the social activities and maintain local law and order situation under the direct supervision of respective thana by forming ward, Union, thana and district wise specific committee.


Community police service will be conducted from the social responsibility of the citizen.


Information will be provided to the police through regular gathering and monitoring related to local law and order situation.


Community Police will do to solve the overlooking and silly social chaos to ensure easy, nice and social justice.


To build up people oriented Police system through the relation between the patriotic Police and the honorable and reputed persons of the community.


This survive will run as nonpolitical and nonprofit able organizing structure.




Service through :



“Open Day House arrangement"


S.P. or Add. S.P will arrange discussion every month with the honorable persons to inform directly the activities of thana police & service exist in the Citizen Charter.


Open discussion and constructive criticism is demanded.


Suggestion of the people is taken for making a people friendly, corruption free & accountable police administration.




Police service based on School/College :


The main purpose of this service is to make obedient students of school/college on law and incorporate them with the different activities of police.


Police officers will exchange views with the school/college students every month for establishing the rule of law.




Service during disaster :


Provide alarming notice by the service delivery officer/officer in charge different types of natural disaster.


Police & people work together for the recovery of natural disaster.


Take different steps at once during natural disaster.


A committee headed by A S.P. Circle will work through this condition.




Service regarding Security :


Police give assistance to the bank and other financial institution.


To ensure security during the visit of VIP & VVIP.


If people become fear or related to any law and order situation of the area, then steps is taken for removing that fear.


If sending force is needed at once, then legal solution related to law & order situation is taken by sending officer &force.


Officer in charge will ensure security in this regard.




999 Service Provision :


Control with thana and police Control Room will be done by free tool through calling 999 of T&T.


Inform your desired information.


Newsman and other informant can collect information about offence of the district from Police Control Room.




Services provided by the Traffic Police :


To control the movement of vehicles & make the movement easy.


To assist all kind of passer-by including children and old woman in case of crossing the road.


To provide necessary indications for passer-by and road users.


To ensure priority in the movement of very important services like Ambulance, Fire Brigade etc. through using proper signal.


Ensure full implementation of Govt. rules & regulation for vehicles in case of using road.


Ensure proper use of different determined documents including driving license.


Take legal action against falty vehicles.


Take legal action against those who violet Motor vehicle regulation.


To ban the movement of the risky vehicles like Tomtom, Votvoty etc.




Police Service-Complain procedure of deprived persons :


The purpose of this procedure is that any complain related to the police member will be made to the higher authority in case of receiving the services exist in the Citizen Charter or outside of it.


Higher authority means from the A.S.P Circle to S.P. within the district.



Higher authority in this regard :


Effective legal action will take within 15 days after receiving written allegation & inform the person who allegate.


The statement of physically present person will listen attentively & take legal action and inform the person who complain.


Preliminary step will take on the basis of getting information through telephone.


Even anybody may lodge complain to the Range DIGP & IGP.




Information for the people :


General Diary(G.D) is generally done at thana in case of any matter. GD is being done for any noncognizable offences. As for example; only showing threat, a scuffle with hand, slaping, fisting, give threat for killing or hiting or doing loss something, lose/forfeit children or livestock, missing valuable documents of any kind, in advance news note of any kind etc.



Deposition is done for several matter :


Deposition is being made for any kind of information regarding cognizable offences. As for example: stealing, robbing, cheating, killing, give inspiration for offense, treachery, acid throughing, making fake money, give shelter to offender, faking, hiting, religious values, raping, torturing women & children, abduction, firing to houses or institution, breaking emergency etc.


Complainent assist investigation officer in presenting proper evidences for estimating trusty of the allegation.


Information will be provided to the police against identified offender.


Information about unknown person will be informed at once to the police.


It is the duty of every citizen to observe the law and constitution. For this proper knowledge regarding rule of work Criminal Procedure Code, Penal Code, Evidence Acts, Minor Acts, other special law and 38 (Bangladesh code Part38) is desirable.


Everybody is bound by law to assist the police officer, if any kind of assistance is wanted by the police officer during his responsibility.


Be obedient always to the state & country as a good ordered by citizen.

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